Code of Conduct


  • Students admitted to S.D.A.M. COLLEGE must maintain an ethos of commitment to a professional programme. They are expected to aim at excellence in every sphere and conduct themselves in responsible and dignified manner in the college campus.
  • According to Govt. norms attendance of students have to be 75% and according to NCTE norms the minimum attendance of Students Teachers shall have to be 80% for all course work and practicum and 90% for school internship. The college expects them to attend all classes.
  • Students shall not be allowed to undertake any other course during the course.
  • Ragging is a punishable crime. Students engaged in ragging in the college campus or anywhere else will be rusticated from college and strong statutory action shall be taken against them.
  • The student’s name shall be liable to be dropped from the roll if he/she absent continuously without any information. A re-admission fee shall be charged if readmission is granted at all.
  • Prior permission is required from the principal for any absence. Application should be made for leave in writing.
  • All the students have to attend all college functions and activities such as Cultural functions, Seminars, Symposia, Essay writing competition, Sports community service etc.
  • Educational Tour is a part of the training programme and all the students have to join it.
  • The conduct of students in the class as well as in the premises of the college will be such as will case no disturbance to fellow students or to any other class.
  • The students are entitled to get back their caution money only after producing the Transfer certificate and receipt of the caution money.
  • The student are entitled to get back their caution money within three years after leaving the college otherwise the amount will transferred to official activities.