The Government of India and the Government of Madhya Pradesh jointly provide scholarships on a regular basis. Information about these scholarships is displayed on the notice board. Eligible students must address these applications with the Commissioner Higher Education duly forwarded by the Principal.

Important instructions for SC / ST / OBC Scholarships are as follows:
Online application forms are available on the website Madhya Pradesh Scholarship Portal 2.0

Eligibility for scholarship will be considered only if the original Transfer Certificate (T.C.) is attached with the application Students who fail in their first, third & fifth semester are not eligible for scholarship.

An applicant is eligible for only one scholarship and his/her eligibility for this scholarship will be cancelled if he/she is known to be the recipient of another scholarship.

A minimum of 75% attendance is compulsory for all scholarship holders.

The scholarship holder must submit an income certificate for the last financial year by an authorized officer.

No more than two wards from one family are entitled to the scholarship

The scholarship holder must have a savings bank account in the State Bank of India for any kind of scholarship. In case of failure to comply with this requirement, the scholarship will be returned to A J Welfare Department.

All details regarding the scholarships will be duly displayed on the College Notice Board.

If the approved applicant fails to collect the scholarship amount within the stipulated period, the scholarship will be withdrawn and the applicant will be held responsible for this.

Income Limit – As per Government order.

Gaon Ki Beti Yojna   

As per rules and directions of the Higher Education girl students of rural areas are entitled to receive scholarships. With the aim of encouraging meritorious girl students, the government of MP and the Dept of Higher Education have made available scholarships through Gaon Ki Beti Yojna as per the following rules:

Criteria & Eligibility

  • This scheme is applicable in the entire state of Madhya Pradesh. All applicants must be rural based and should have passed their 12th Class from a village.
  • This scheme is to be implemented by all government educational institutions, grant-in-aid and private educational institutions and universities whose fees are in accordance with government colleges.
    In case there is no government college within a radius of 5 kms  of the village of the meritorious rural girl applicant, she will be considered as eligible to receive the full benefits of the scheme in a private recognized college.
  • On fulfilling all requirements, girl students who have passed their 12th from Navodaya Schools will also be eligible for this scheme.
    Girl students who are residents of towns and cities, and have passed their 12th from these areas are not eligible for this scheme.
    From each village, every year girl students who have obtained first division marks in their 12th class examination and wish to pursue further studies in courses run by higher education, school education, technical education or medical education departments will be eligible to benefit from this scheme.
  • Applicants are eligible for this scheme regardless of caste and income. Applicants for this scheme should have passed their 12th class in the same year in which they apply for higher education. Those applicants who get supplementary in their 12th class but are able to pass their supplementary exam with first division are also considered eligible for the scheme. At the undergraduate level, applicants must register as regular candidates.

 Pratibha  kiran  Yojna 

As per rules and directions of the Higher Education Department of Madhya Pradesh students below poverty line are entitled to receive scholarshipThis scheme is applicable in the entire state of Madhya Pradesh. Students of S.C. /S.T. /O.B.C. /U.R. category who are residents of town and cities and have passed class 12th with minimum 60% marks are eligible for the scholarship.